Web Design/Development

Website look like it was built in the 90's? Need to make a web presence for your company?

My goal in designing your website is creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional web presence with your company's objectives and goals in mind. I believe that it is important to convey your company's style and standards through your website to give your clients an idea of who they will be working with. The content of your site can consist of, but is not limited to, basic design and development, Flash intro or header, videos, blog, twitter or blog feed, calendar, google calendar feed, photo or video gallery, contact form, search functions, polls, downloads, applications, and web hosting. Please take a look at some of the websites that I have created and see for yourself what I can do for you.


Identity Design

Start a new company? Need a logo redesign?

Let me help you create an identity for your company. Whether you're a new company trying to make a name for yourself or a company that is just tired of their failing identity mark, I can work with you to develop the perfect design to convey the vision and mission of your company. Creating a unique identity mark can be a very powerful marketing tool to further promote your company. Your identity is an important part of your company's success, and it is vital that your identity be unique and stand out.


Print Design

School play? Band coming to town? Trying to sell something?

Print design can mean a lot of things, and I can help regardless of what you need designed for print. I can create flyers, posters, banners, business cards, advertisements, signs, cards, album art, and more. In collaboration with an associate company, TZR Vinyl, any sign, banner, sticker, or decal can be printed for you for a small fee. This process involves a vast amount of customer customization from sign and text color, the design itself, and more. Have a look at some of my work to get a better idea of some of the things you can do with vinyl printing.


Web Marketing

Have a website that no one seems to know about? Want more hits on your site?

Let me optimize your website using a proven process called SEO. I will work to make your site more "search engine friendly" to create a higher search result. Higher search results will drive more traffic to your website creating more business for your company or organization. Editing keywords to be more relevant and being specific optimizes a site for better search engine results.


Computer Repair/Builds

Slow Computer? Need an upgrade? Want a gamer PC?

Computers slow as they age, just a simple fact of life. However, they can usually be reformatted and will again work at acceptable speeds. If you're looking for an upgrade, I can install additional RAM, a larger hard drive, optical drives and expansion cards, or Update your Operating System. I can also build you a computer from scratch. Feel free to contact me with what you would like in a new system and what you plan to do with it, and I will get you an estimate.



Check out some of my photography.

As a hobby I enjoy shooting photography. My favorite places to shoot are Oregon and the beach. Click here to see my gallery.